3D Printing: Samples

Oscar's Home

This customer wanted a physical model of his house.  So, he provided me with six clear photographs: one from each angle, and then some detail photos of obscured areas.  Using those reference photos, I built the computer model and sent the customer, Oscar, a link to view the model in 3D to approve it.  The customer requested several tweaks, and after two modest revisions we concluded with this draft you can see below.

This 3D model was then sent to several 3D printing service providers to get quotes on different sizes and materials.  The customer was presented with various options, and he opted for it to be printed at 4.4" x 3.8" by 6.3" (roughly the same boundaries as a softball, if we discount the model's platform) by a ZCorp printer. 

You can view photos of the model from all four sides here