Vector Art

Most company logos and graphics which are intended to be simple or have a cartoon look are best created as "vector graphics".  The reason is that vector graphics, unlike photographs and images created in programs such as Photoshop, can be scaled infinitely, and never look pixelated (the block-like artifacts seen in photos when they're blown up).

Tactile Portraits has created many vector graphics, and is happy to create one for your needs - a business logo, posters for a band, or any other needs.  Let's take a look at a few samples.

First, here is a logo for the website  The design concept was first created as an image by a different party.  I took the basic concept and create an entire vector logo from scratch:

 Next is a logo for a deejay duo called "Take 2".  This was intended as a simple logo, perhaps for small signs and t-shirts and such.

Finally, here is a sign I did for my own dad of, which was printed out and placed throughout his neighborhood to inform neighbors about his annual pumpkin giveaway.