Image Modification ("Photoshopping")

Tactile Portraits can handle any image manipulations that you might need.  Whether it's simple beautifying of photographs, or more complex illusions, such as plucking a person from one photo and plugging him into another, the work can be done quickly and inexpensively.  What follows are some examples.

In early 2011, I self-published a book about the moviemaker James Cameron.  I created the cover entirely on my own, in what was one of my very first times using advanced image manipulation software.  Certainly, I'm not a professional-caliber illustrator, as you can tell from the quality of the line art on the right hand side.  Apart from that, the effects and composition stand up well, I believe.



Some time after a customer had me create and animate the model of their makeup invention, they told me they would like that computer model rendered anew and composited in with a photograph.  The objective was to make it look as though the computer model was physically present when the photo was taken.  On top of getting the proper angle for the new shot of the computer model, note also the (a) reflections, (b) shadow behind the object, and (c) reflections on the surface.