Inventions & Science Animations

Tactile Portraits has created many models and animations for inventors who want to visualize their concepts to investors or other parties, but they do not yet have the object fabricated.  In these cases, I create full models of the inventions in the computer, which can then be rotated, stretched, squeezed, and shown in any way imaginable.  Below are a pair of examples.

Showing microscopic items - such as cells, proteins, or even atomic particles - can present a challenge similar to trying to a show an invention that does not yet exist: it is hard to communicate the items to people when they can't be filmed!  This is where simulations come in.  Below is a simulation of a virometry manipulation of a virus, which was created for Dr. Wei Cheng of the University of Michigan.

This next animation was created for, a wireless internet provider based out of Detroit, Michigan and servicing the Midwest.