Mascots & Character Animation

Tactile Portraits is happy to create and animate characters. Company mascots, cartoon "spokesmen", or even computer mannequins wearing accessories are all character types that have been created already. So whatever your character animation needs are, give me a call and I'll be happy to discuss!

This video provides an overview to Tactile Portraits's character animation:

Next, we have a full, 3D model of Batman and Superman that I created as a fun project.  If you hire Tactile Portraits to create an animation or computer model, then I can also give it to you to share on this 3D model viewer site, usually for just a small extra charge.

 And here are a few samples. First, here is a video commercial for a Chicago-based businesses which installs equipment for exercise bike studios.  This style of animation has been coined, "Geometric characters".  As most always, I created 100% of the models and animations herein.  The customer provided the narration.


Finally....a Gumby-like figure used to convey the basic premise of a business. This was the very first animation ever created by Tactile Portraits.